Luke Peng
2 min readOct 15, 2014

Divergence -> Convergence: Startups and Life

Most things have two phases.

First phase is the phase of “Divergence”. During which, we go into the unknowns, observe and explore. For example, we take a trip to somewhere new, go on an adventure and make new friends and learn new things, whether it is skills, technology or any sort of knowledge. Often times, we have to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, to meet new people and to handle situations that we haven’t encountered before. Sometimes, during this phase, it could be a little unstable, like sailing in a windy condition while moving fast. This phase, is the phase of explosive growth.

Second phase, is the phase of “Convergence”. In this phase, we take a step back, think and reflect. We identify problems and most importantly, opportunities from previous phase, and work on solutions. Structures are being organized, priorities are being worked on. Experience comes into play, to help us move forward effectively with minimum distractions. For example, organizing thousands of pictures from a previous trip, identify the key connections and develop it stronger. Again, like sailing, this phase is where we enjoy the stability, voyage forward with steady speed. This phase, we harvest the growth and stay focus.

For start ups, first phase is usually the phase of platform growth, in which we grow massive users. Second phase is the phase of monetization, where everything is built on the users. A perfect example is Facebook and Instagram. Knowing this two phases are important, to be productive, the turn around time between two phases is critical, that means, if one is able to manage the maneuver from phase divergence to convergence, congratulations, you have the key.

Luke Peng

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