Netflix Is Crushing It And Why Hollywood Should Be Afraid

Luke Peng
2 min readSep 4, 2017


Looks familiar?

Remember the last time you watched and talked about a show with your friends that is not Netflix original?

Me neither.

Since the first Netflix commissioned show, House of Cards in 2013, the talks about Netflix shows has been occupying the feeds of our social media, from Orange Is The New Black, Stranger Things, the canceled Sense8, to the 2017’s overwhelmingly sometimes seems endless choices of new shows: Atypical, Disjointed, and the list goes on.

Now why is Netflix is crushing it?

Platform Advantage:

75% of US internet users use Netflix, and growing worldwide. Nowadays, when you login to Netflix, all you can see is Netflix Original shows popping up on your screen. Unfair advantage? Well, where else would you go for a Netflix and Chill night? Or binge watch the shows of your choice?

Adaptation Advantage:

Netflix is no stranger, when is comes to experimenting new and even controversial content. From the new Marijuana dispensary themed Disjointed to the LGBTQ themed Sense8, the speed that Netflix can try new things is faster, and the capacity Netflix can stand failures than the other media companies.

The Canceled Netflix Original Show Sense8

Technology Advantage:

Why do we experiment? Because we learn and adapt and become better. Netflix has sea amount of data just to do that. You watched something for a second, decided not liking it then switched to something else? All these data is used by the Data Engineers at Netflix to help them produce better content, or more “likeable” content. That, as competitors, is no easy task.

So should the competitors of Netflix, from Hollywood to various media companies afraid?

“Before we are we, we are they. ” — Anonymous

Rather than being afraid, learn and become better. At the end of the day, competition is a good thing and we, as viewers, embrace great content.



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