The Future of Travel

Luke Peng
2 min readMay 11, 2016

So many people have asked me, why do you work in travel industry? It is so crowded, and what can you do to make a difference?

Let me start by saying, travel for most people at this moment, is not easy. Think about the time and the effort takes last time you traveled and on the road, the planning, choices of where to stay, what to do, who to talk to for direct information, what are the frictions and the pain points? Sometimes, too many choices is not necessary the best thing. Isn’t travel supposed to be joyful and a wonderful thing?

It could be better. The future of travel, should be simple, direct and transparent.

But how can we achieve it? AI? VR? Technology? Information? Of all the thousands of means currently of trying to make our life easier, we seem to overlook one, one fundamental fact: people.

Yes, the answer: people.

It is the people who has walked the path you are going to explore; it is the people who lives in the city you are going to visit; it is the people who has done what you are going to do; it is the people who has built or ran the sites you are visiting; it is the people who has made, prepared and tried the food you are going to taste. All in all, they have the knowledge and experience that is so valuable that can be shared with you, that will make your travel experience more simple, direct and transparent.

As I can recall, my best memories of traveling, are the fond moments of exploring the unbeaten path with locals; are the new local food I had recommended by locals; or numerous surprises all involve with people, be it new or old.

Therefore, our goal is very simple, to connect people, to maximize the ability of sharing the deep experience lived by us and the rich knowledge of us. They are meant to be helpful and make that difference. Simplicity and directness, is not a luxury. Actually, that is what is missing currently for the whole travel industry as a whole.

The future of travel, and our journey to make travel experience better for everyone, is just getting started. If you are interested in joining, we are hiring.

Luke Peng,
Co-founder and CEO
TourWithMe, Inc.



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